by Broadcaster

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released July 5, 2011

Jesse Litwa - Vocals, Guitars
Tom Kelly - Bass
Anthony Vito - Drums

Special Thanks to Marie Mayes for recording Backing Vocals.

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Tom Kelly & Jesse Litwa
In Winter 2011 at Cellar Door Studios, Amityville, NY

All songs written by Jesse Litwa
Copyright Broadcaster 2011


all rights reserved



Broadcaster New York, New York

3-Piece Rock Band from Long Island, NY.

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Track Name: Snow Party
sand and salt, snow and ice
six more feet of wintertime
and all you do is whine about it
i clean the house and drink red wine
purple lips and turpentine
well, you could at least sing about it
no sense in crying over some dirty roads

sheets of ice and crashing cars
empty stores and empty bars
cause no one wants to get their feet cold
i still have work and grocery notes
so heat the car and zip your coat
cause no one wants to hear your whining
no sense in crying, the winter is always cold
Track Name: All Your Friends
all your friends, they run from you
cause you've always got a bone to chew
and then you spit them out all black and blue
they get sick at the very sight of you, the sight of you

all your friends are talking loud
and they're passing notes around the crowd
and soon enough a mouth will leak them out
to cut your words from where they sprout, rot you inside out

and i've got thoughts i can't control
they twist my mind and break my soul
and they make the morning sun feel cold
and turn my purist thoughts to stone, these thoughts are stone

your words will swallow you whole
Track Name: Atlantic Sea
the atlantic sea is pounding on me
washing me slowly, rinsing me clean
salt in the air, sand and debris
cover my eyes quick, i don't wanna see

but you don't feel ashamed
of the place that you were raised
and you know, you can't change
your accent in every word you say

time moves more quickly than we ever could count
and you can't flip the hourglass just to get yourself out
you make your own motions and take your own blame
but you can't change, you can't change
Track Name: Vacation Days
coffee and toothpaste mix in my mouth
it always lingers around
and i can't eat breakfast before twelve o'clock
or my nervous stomach aches
socks on my feet and a tie around my neck
and a car that's out of gas
i clock in late and sit around and wait
for the minutes to pass
and we all add up our sick time again

and just sit around and wait, sit around and wait
for the next vacation day

records and t-shirts don't ever sell
so they just sit on the shelf
and i set three alarms just to get out of bed
so i always look a wreck
songs in my head that i just can't get out
and the beers don't seem to help
i can't keep jobs for more than a month
cause i'm bored with everyone
and we all add up our sick time

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