Welcome To The Wetlands

by Broadcaster

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released August 22, 2010

Jesse Litwa – Guitars, Vocals
Tom Kelly – Bass
Anthony Vito – Drums

Recorded on June 20th 2010 by
Tom Kelly & Jesse Litwa in Amityville, NY
Mixed by Tom Kelly & Jesse Litwa
Produced by Broadcaster
All music & lyrics by Jesse Litwa
*except track 7, written by John Easdale

Special thanks to:
Jared Kaplan for recording Hammond/Wurlitzer.
Sam Gursky for being a good ol’ Gursky.
Tomahawk Chop & Royal City Riot for all dat $$$$$$.

For Booking Contact: broadcasterNY@gmail.com
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all rights reserved


Broadcaster New York, New York

3-Piece Rock Band from Long Island, NY.

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Track Name: Weather
it's july and i'm trying to figure out why i'm still here
is it my friends or the beers?
or why i'm sticking around, when i've always wanted out
how'd i make it past twenty one years?
cause i've never been the cool kid, yeah i'm awkward at parties
and i was awkward in high school, cause i can't talk too well
but we met and you said "jess, i think we should try"
cause we got no one to impress

you said, let's go out while the weather is warm
pushing everything else to the curb for a while
cracking our smiles and reciting the words
to the songs that we sang all the time

can't find a reason or rhyme if i try
boys and girls in america, are they just killing time?
i wonder if they ever even tried to step outside
take a drive out of this place sometime
cause i've always been quiet, but now i'm trying to change
cause i got things i've wanted to say
and this girl that i know takes me out to make a scene
what i need, someone to make noise with me
Track Name: Lights
and i took a couple pictures, that i keep inside my head
the corner store, the halsey stop, and the waitresses we met
and we had a couple arguments about bills we never sent
but it doesn't really matter much when we can't afford the rent

as lights shine down from the east side of manhattan
and that's all i really wanted to see
as i hang up on a rooftop in ridgewood, i'm taking it all in

and i sat inside my lectures, but i can't hear 19k
i saw the pretty city girls, but didn't have a thing to say
and i got a couple parking tickets that i forgot to pay
i walked to the same pizza place almost every single day

and we try with all our might to do what we were taught is right
Track Name: Go
go, don't you know, they never cared if you stayed at all
oh, don't you know, your little friends are all faking it

they don't give a shit what you like, unless it's what they like
and i tried to explain, but you never ever got around to listening
keep on digging your holes deeper now

i can't relate to a word that you same about them
they're pushing pills, while you're pulling at their coat tails
keep on digging your holes deeper now

do you know, do you know, what to expect from them?
i hope you know, hope you know, that they won't make amends
Track Name: Hudson
i met you on a friday night
of my first week in the city
i was reading an old subway map
you were half-stoned with your friends
and you told me i didn't look like
i knew just where i was going
but i told you it didn't matter much
cause i had no place to be

so take me, take me, take me down to the hudson
and shake me, shake me loose of all my plans
cause i'm drunk and wanna fall in love in new york city
so take me, shake me before i miss my chance

and you told me you were a city girl
as we climbed the stairs to your roof
and you spilled your drink all over me
but i laughed about it with you
you were singing some old motown song
stumbling over your words
i was immaturely reciting back
every phrase i heard
Track Name: Postage
more postage with a warning, that you haven't got it right
so you'll be doubling your interest, in half the given time
but you can't find real employment, when you try, and try, and try
so you're forced to keep on looking, while your bills keep piling up

but you still go out on every night
cause you don't wanna sit alone
so you hang in halls, and diners, and bars
till they tell you to go home

and your unnecessary vices, don't help your debt at all
yeah they've pushed you to a corner and surrounded you with walls
so you try to cut back spending on all the things you like
but you're the crumbling generation, with spoiled children's eyes
Track Name: Screen
i was born by the ocean
there were boats, there were churches
most of the people were spoiled
they like to say they're important
they're all spending their money
well, i don't have any money
i'm just hanging on watching
ringing up another cup of coffee

well, do you believe in me?
well, if you see me up on the tv
talking about art and what it means to me
just smash the screen, just smash the screen

i was born on an island
sitting off the atlantic
everyone's got a band there
just to show they can have it
all begging for some promotion
they tell me i got potential
cause they can't read the satire
or see the difference between us

let it bleed, repeat, repeat
their chords are sounding pretty weak
they're on their hands and knees
well, not me, not me
Track Name: Work
yeah, well no one really understands
a shopping cart is filled with cans
and a top hat, and a snare drum, and a horn
and a poster, and some magazines
and a picture, and some magic beans
and a record that i got when i was born

different people do the same things everyday
i just look the other way
yeah, i keep on rolling, keep on rolling
i deny a problem with my attitude
cause i will work for food
yeah, i keep on rolling, keep on rolling

i wasn't always paranoid
i sang a couple of my songs
but the records never sold and that was bad
and my mom and dad took care of me
till i was almost twenty three
and now i can't afford to pay them back

the sheriffs came with pistols and their starry sleeves
and give me thirty days to leave
yeah, i keep on rolling, keep on rolling
no one wants to pay me for my broken heart
so now i've got this shopping cart
yeah, i keep on rolling, keep on rolling on
Track Name: Alone
you are alone
you are alone
no voices or phone calls
just the dial tone

you cannot sleep
you cannot sleep
cause you've got these skeletons
buried under your sheets

so you'll walk in the street
till you can't feel your hollow bones
and you'll passout freezing cold
in the middle of the road

you are just drunk
yeah, you're just a drunk
spurring chivalrous compliments
off the tip of your tougue

you only see
what you choose to see
say everything's working
when it's broke as can be

up and down george street
until your heels start to bleed
and you passout freezing cold
in the middle of the road
Track Name: Plastic
i'm unglued, i'm unglued, i'm unglued
pull the plastic, i'm not sticking to you
i've got plans and things i need to do
and i'm only growing tired if i'm hanging with you
cause you bring, yeah you bring, bring me down
and i can't smile with you moping around
so i'll packup my things and get out
cause people cannot help you if you can't help yourself

so push me to the edge and i'll pull you back
slam you with another, watch your ego collapse
i'll scribble down the words as you deliver your lines
just so you can see why i keep rolling my eyes
just so you can see why i keep rolling my eyes

i'm just bored, tuckered out, unamused
pull the anchor, i'm not sinking with you
take advice from the people you choose
they talk a lot of shit for never wearing our shoes
cause i've put things aside on the shelf
with the hope that they'd just work themselves out
but it's cold and now i'm pushing for air
so don't give me a reason cause i don't even care

i won't let you just bring me down
i won't let you just bring me down
tell me i'll have no one else around
but i've got a couple friends that never have let me down
Track Name: Settle
i got lost, between right and wrong
ignored direction from where we started from
you went to college and i wrote all these songs
transients in passing, as we both move along

you and me and ideas
of what we could've done
you and me and ideas
from back when we were young

you got lost, in and out of bars
and i drank more too, but we never ever talked
about when we grewup in suburbs and madeout on bathroom floors
never content to just smile, so we pushed and pushed for more

settle, settle now
but we can't settle, settle down